Genetic Testing

Our new genetic testing through Genomix Nutrition will tell you which supplements you"should take and which ones you don't need to take!

Our genetic test identifies the 55 modifiable genetic weaknesses you may carry. Based on your personalized genetic needs, I will give you recommendations for supplements that will help you:

- Make more energy -ATP
- Have an improved mood
- Have better focus and concentration
- Reduce total body inflammation
- Lose weight
- Feel more peaceful

All "without" prescription medications. If you have struggled with these issues, now is the time to get this figured out so that you can help your children so they won't struggle like you may have.

This genetic testing can be very powerful testing to bring answers to families who have struggled with all of the above issues. The great news is that there are solutions!!

Genetic testing gets to the root cause of the issue! All with a single cheek swab.

This genetic test could be your and your family members personalized health roadmap for the rest of your life.